Dear Foods Teachers,
For the past several years, Utah Pork Producers Association has presented a program entitled “Today’s Pork” to Foods classes throughout the state.  As we all encounter changes in our businesses, changes have occurred in our business as well. As of the 2012-2013 school year, Utah Pork Producers will only be presenting to ProStart Classes one time per year.
We realize that many classes would like the pork presentation be made available to their students.  We would like to offer the following opportunity to those classes:
Upon your request for materials we will send you the following by email:
  • Script to assist you in your presentation and demonstration highlighting key information regarding the Pork industry throughout Utah and throughout the state.
  • A demonstration form for your students to fill out during the presentation.
  • The Pigs and Pork in Utah brochure that can be viewed by all students.
  • Teacher evaluation and reimbursement forms – The recipe included in the Pigs and Pork in Utah brochure will be the suggested recipe to demonstrate for your students.  Each class demonstration will be reimbursed up for recipe supplies up to $10.00 per presentation.  Classes to be reimbursed are:
  • All CTE classes  – 7th grade
  • All JH and MS foods classes – each class – once per semester
  • HS Foods Classes – each class – once per semester

After your class demonstration, please send in completed teacher evaluation forms and original receipts each attached to the corresponding teacher evaluation form  and send to the address below.  Reimbursement will be made with 2 weeks of receipt of the information.

We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity for your students.  This opportunity is for schools and teachers who have not had the pork presentation in the 2012-2013 school year.

As we receive your requests, your information will be emailed to you with 48 hours.

All of the videos that are included in the script can be viewed from the website.
Please direct your requests to Allison Fiscus at  The Utah Pork Producers Association can also be reached at 801-712-2164.
Thank you for your interest in Today’s Pork.
Please send completed teacher evaluation forms and original receipts to:
Allison Fiscus
12872 S. 1830 W. Riverton, UT  84065
Allison Fiscus
Utah Pork Producers Association
Promotion and Communications Director