Utah Pork Producers Association Board Of Directors Meeting

Springhill Suites, Thanksgiving Point, Lehi, UT

Friday, January 19, 2018 8:45am


The meeting was called to order by Todd Ballard, president of UPPA at 8:45am.

The membership was welcomed and guests were welcomed to the meeting.

The meeting began with a economic forecast given by Steve Meyer with a call in presentation.

The meeting continued with a presentation by Dr. Clayton Johnson, DVM, from Carthage Veterinary Clinic from Carthage, IL.  His presentation included several hog diseases including PRRS and how to manage and prevent PRRS on the farm.

The business portion of the meeting was held after Dr. Johnson’s first presentation.

The minutes from the previous membership meeting held in Jan 2017 were reviewed. Matt Robinson made a motion to approve the minutes.  Jim Webb seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.

Allison reviewed the financials.  The balances in the accounts are as of 1/18/18:  Check Off $191,807.46  The Non Check Off $83,307.63. The check off from 2017 was a total of 202,000 with additional cost shares and state sharing dollars for a total of 221,353.00 of check off dollars in 2017.  Nate Horton made a motion to accept the financials.  Carl Maples seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.

The 2019 Pork Forum Delegates were chosen under the guidelines of the NPB,NPPC guidelines.  The delegates for the 2019 Forum will be Nate Horton and Jace Ballard.  The 2 alternates will be Patty Goff and Clint Ballard.  Allison will complete the proper paperwork to be submitted to NPB and NPPC.

UPPA elected 2 Board of Director positions.  Jim Webb was recommended for reelection for the commercial seat.  Under due process, the vote was unanimous.   Clint Ballard was recommended for election for the independent seat.  Under due process, the vote was unanimous.  Both of these positions are for three years until January 2021.

The updated bylaws and policies and procedures were presented for approval.  Under due process, these documents were approved unanimously.

A check off report was given by Bill Winkleman from NPB.

A NPPC update was given by Dustin Baker from NPPC.

Lunch was served in the rotunda.

The afternoon portion of the membership meeting were presentations and Q&A led by Dr. Johnson.  Portions of Dr. Johnson’s presentations were streamed and will be available.  This information will be passed to all attendees.  Dr. Johnson’s slides and presentations will also be distributed to all attendees.

The meeting concluded at 4:00pm.


January 2017 Minutes

July 2016 Minutes

January 2016 Minutes