Utah Pork Producers Association has 4 Youth Pork Ambassadors that are currently assisting in events that are held throughout the state, Koleman DuCarme, CJ McDonald, Ashley Griffin and Jacob Webb.  Some of the other events that the ambassadors will be assisting at will be Youth Pork Academy, BYU Boy Scout Pow Wow Animal Science Merit Badge, Pig and Pork Day at Thanksgiving Point, The Hunstman 140, The Utah State Fair and many other events throughout the year.  Come and meet the youth pork ambassadors.

My name is Ashley Griffin I was born and raised in Cache Junction Utah. I grew up working on my dad’s pig farm and have loved all the great experiences I’ve had and all I’ve learned growing up in the world of agriculture. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to represent the Utah Pork Producers.
Favorite Recipe: Sweet Pork Quesadilla
5-6 pounds cooked pork shredded and tender.
Put On Top-
2tsp crushed garlic
3tsp cumin
2Tbsp honey
1cup brown sugar
2 cups Coke
1/2 tsp salt
– Heat until warm and serve on a tortilla with cheese.

My name is Koleman DuCharme.  It wouldn’t be a lie if I told you my life has revolved around swine since I spoke my third word, which was “pig.”  My mother has always said I have a pig fetish. Since the age of four I have owned domestic swine.  My market hog showing experience started in 4-H at the age of eight.  I am currently in the FFA program with swine as my SAE.   My hobbies include pigs.  I own and breed top quality show hogs.  I am a junior at North Summit High School in Coalville, Utah. Looking forward to sharing and expanding my experiences about swine with the Utah Pork Producers as one of the ambassadors.


  • 4 -6 pork chops (any thickness and as many as you like)
  • salt (enough to sprinkle on both sides of chops)
  • flour (enough to coat chops)
  • oil (to fill bottom of pan) or Crisco (to fill bottom of pan)


  1. Wash chops.
  2. Salt all pork chops on both sides.
  3. Let sit for 15 minutes on paper towels.
  4. Put oil in frying pan and heat to medium high.
  5. Shake pork chops in flour.
  6. Carefully add chops to oil and brown on each side.
  7. Turn burner down on medium.

Cook until done about 4-5 minutes each side.(cooking time varies on different thicknesses).
This is my favorite because its simple, easy and you can appreciate the taste of the pork.

I am Jacob Webb. I live in Beaver, UT. I am 16 and attend Beaver High School.  I am very involved in 4-H and FFA.  I like to hunt, fish, and camp. I love to work on my Grandpa’s farm and in the summer I show steers and lambs at the Southwest Livestock Show and the State Fair. I am constantly working and love to be busy. I hope to one day run an agricultural business.
Favorite Recipe: Bacon wrapped Pork Tenderloin
It is a pretty simple meal. You wrap the tenderloin in bacon and cook on a grill at a low temperature to 145 degrees.  If you want more flavor you can put a BBQ sauce on it when you put it on the grill.

My name is Carter (James) McDonald but all of my life I’ve gone by “C.J.”  I am 18 years old and a senior at Mountain Crest High School in Hyrum, Utah.  I am the oldest of 5 children.  I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers.  I enjoy working, being active, being outdoors and helping on our family farms working with pigs, cattle and horses.  I also enjoy sports, especially basketball, football, snowboarding, wrestling and rodeo.  I like to play my drums, play music with my family and listen to music.  I’m not a fan of homework!  I like animals, especially dogs and horses and have my own 5 year old sorrel gelding.  I also like diesel trucks, construction and building things and I’m a decent welder and heavy machinery operator.  This fall I plan on serving a 2 year LDS mission.  When I get home I would like to study to become a vet.

Favorite Recipe: My favorite pork recipe would be either grilled pork chops (grill on low heat for 15-20 minutes seasoning with onion salt, brown sugar and Southwest seasoning) or bacon wrapped pork tenderloin (cut loin pieces to about 1″ thickness, wrap with thin strips of bacon (securing with a toothpick), season with onion salt and pepper and grill on low for 20-30 minutes)