Makendra Goff

Hi! My name is Makendra Goff, I am the daughter of Shay and Patty Goff.  I live in a small town in Beaver County.  I love being involved, having fun, and meeting new people! I enjoy being able to teach and help those around me, and thoroughly enjoy serving others.  I have worked on my family farm for as long as I can remember, and have learned the value of hard work and dedication.  I own a Black Lab named Yume (pronounced you-may), which means Dream in Japanese; she is my baby! I graduate from high school in May and will be attending college in the fall, and I am so excited.

Megan Birchell

I’m Megan Birchell and a senior at SkyView High School in Cache Valley, UT.  I have been showing pigs in Cache Valley in 4-H since I was 11 and have branched out to showing in many Utah open stock shows with FFA as well as other national shows and jackpots in other states.  I became interested in breeding my own pigs when I was 12 and bought my own registered sow to breed, studying breeding pedigrees from boars in the Midwest to breed to my sow.  I have had great success breeding show animals, winning many times.  I am now developing my own nutrition program for my animals by creating my own feed mixture, with good results each time. I have enjoyed being a Cache County 4-H Livestock Ambassador for the past 2 years and teaching classes each summer to the younger 4-H participants on showmanship and nutrition. I am currently serving as the SkyView High School FFA Treasurer. I live out in the small town of Cornish with my mom and dad and enjoy working on the family pheasant ranch and raising Llewellyn setters. Megan is looking forward to serving as a Utah Youth Pork Ambassador.

Taylor Petersen

TaylorPetersenI’m Taylor Petersen from Delta, UT.  Since the age of eight I have been very involved with pigs showing at livestock shows. I decided to start my own business three years ago when I began breeding, raising, and selling show pigs. In addition to my business I enjoy running track, hunting, showing pigs, being outdoors and being involved in FFA. I plan on extending my pig business and increasing my knowledge and becoming a livestock judge as well as going into the medical field.

Jaycee Webb

JayceeWebbJaycee Webb is the daughter of Jim & Alison Webb. She has 5 siblings: 1 older and 4 younger. She is a 4-Her and spends her summer training steers and lambs for shows around the state. She loves being in front of people, as well as in the middle, helping. She is excited to be a Pork Ambassador, and hopes to expand her knowledge of the pork industry.