Emily Smith

Hi my name is Emily Smith from Snowville, Utah. I am entering my junior year in pursuit of my bachelors of Agribusiness. The importance of the pork industry has been instilled in me from a young age as I was lucky enough to raise and show hogs along side my siblings for a few years. Showing pigs was the first step I took down the path of the livestock show industry and it has continued to impact me throughout my life. I have recently purchased a gilt that I am excitedly planning to show at both the American Royal and Arizona Nationals come this fall. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a 2021 Utah Pork Ambassador and I hope that I can help educate and share my experiences with everyone I meet throughout this upcoming year. 

Quay Walker

My name is Quay Walker, I have grown up in Monticello, UT and have shown stockshow animals my whole life. I have shown pigs, lambs, steers, and goats. I’ve showed all of these animals all over the state and have enjoyed doing it. Currently, I’m attending Southern Utah University and majoring is Agriculture Education.

Mark Wangsgard

I am Mark Wangsgard and I live in Logan, Utah. I am a second-generation farmer on our family dairy farm, Wangsgard Willow Dairy. We currently milk about 180 cows every day, twice a day. I first got involved in pork in 3rd grade when I started the 4-H program. As a family, we each got pigs from our neighbor to show at the county fair. I have continued to show pigs every year since that time. Showing pigs, and growing up on a dairy farm, gave me a natural path to the National FFA Organization once I entered high school. I was given opportunity after opportunity to learn and grow into a leader. Even though I am graduating I am going to continue to learn and grow through my position as the Utah State FFA reporter. I plan on completing a certificate from Bridgerland Technical College in Meat Services. I will then transition to Utah State University where I will major in Computer Science. I hope to use this degree to help further technology within Agriculture. I am very excited to become a Pork Ambassador and do what I can for the industry.

Preston Roberts

Hi! I am Preston Roberts and I am currently attending Southern Utah University where I am majoring in Accounting and Finance. I am also minoring in Agriculture. I have grew up on my family farm working with different animals. I plan to reside back to my family farm after finishing college. Our family is currently a contractor with Smithfield. I have loved learning and getting to know more about pigs with our time as being a contractor with Smithfield.  I am excited to be a Utah Pork Ambassador to help people understand more about pigs and about the pork industry.


I am looking forward to the opportunity to be a Youth Pork Ambassador for the Utah Pork Producers. I am excited to learn about Agriculture and the business of it. I believe it will help me learn about aspects of Agriculture that I only hear about but have no experience in. I want to learn about medicine and pharmacy as it relates to Agriculture. I want to learn about the marketing standpoint and how to get the message of Agriculture out there more widely. I want to learn about the different types of engineering associated with Agriculture, and lobbying. Many of these can help me in life. I feel this ambassadorship will help me be more informed and able to inform others about the hog industry and how our food gets to the table.