Cheddar Bacon and Dried Apple Spread

Interesting spreads are always a welcome–and carefree– party appetizer. Prepare a day or two in advance and offer at cool room temperature with crackers, veggies and cocktail rye. …

Bacon and Mushroom Bite-Size Quiche

Tender, cheesy and savory custards in flaky pastry shells make elegant finger food—and can be made ahead and reheated. Delicious for brunch or evening appetizers. …

Double Pork Party Sliders

For social gatherings, opt for the smaller cocktail-size buns available in the bakery section of grocery stores. Offer coarse-grain mustard and halved dill pickle slices for the sandwiches.
In England, bacon sandwiches—called butties— are so beloved that Prince Harry planned

Bacon Bourbon Party Mix

Can adjust spices for your family.  Have as part of a tailgating party or just for snacking while watching your favorite show.

Bacon Ice Cream

You can use whipping cream instead of the half and half for an even richer ice cream. If you like, sprinkle chopped, crisped bacon bits on top before serving.   Recipe courtesy of Top Chef All-Stars Winner Richard Blais.…

Pork Bolognese

Enjoy the Bolognese tossed with rigatoni or a wide noodle like pappardelle. On the side, serve crusty bread and a glass of Chianti.   Recipe courtesy of Top Chef All-Stars Winner Richard Blais…

Frijoles Molidos

Queso anejo is simply an aged version of queso fresco and, while classified as a soft cheese, can actually become quite firm and salty as it ages. It is used primarily as a garnish, crumbled or grated over a variety of dishes